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Unemployment Is Down and Jobs Are Up But Conservative Media Still Finds Dark Cloud

Politico Editor Resigns After Posting Alt-Right Leader’s Address, Discussing ‘Baseball Bats’

Daily Caller Tries to Pin Outlandish Claim on ‘MSNBC Guest’ Without Mentioning She Worked For Bush

96% of the Clintons’ 2015 Charitable Donations Were to Clinton Foundation

Former Intelligence Chief: I Never Met With Obama Once in Five Years

Trump Foreign Policy Advisor: He’s Not Going to Get Rid of Iran Deal

Rangel Defends Armed Guards Despite Gun Control Support: ‘We Deserve’ to Be Protected

MEDIAITE EXCLUSIVE: Homeland Security Panelist Accused of Celebrating 9/11 Responds

Candidate Accidentally Posts Screenshot of His Porn Tabs to Facebook

Laura Ingraham’s Site LifeZette Loses Another Editor

Roger Stone Column for Daily Caller Appears to Lift Language and Research From Conservative Blog (UPDATED)

Hillary Clinton Agrees With NY Dem That Gun Manufacturers ‘Make Terrorists Out Of Our Citizens’

UVA’s ‘Jackie’ Argues Testifying For Rolling Stone Trial Will ‘Re-Victimize’ Her

Donald Trump Appears to Have Heavily Plagiarized Ben Carson Op-Ed

WaPo Story on Chicago Threat Ignores Perpetrator’s Race, Desire to Kill ‘White Devils’

Conservative Website Obtains Photo of 17-Year-Old Malia Obama Perhaps Playing Beer Pong

Glenn Beck Tearfully Promises to Illegally Smuggle Syrian Refugees into U.S.

Trump Takes on Ben Carson: Doctors Don’t Create Jobs

FBI Finds Democratic Senator’s Name in ‘Ledger of Prostitution’

Daily Caller Didn’t Realize Politico Writer Was Being Sarcastic About Hillary

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