Dan Rather Defends ‘The Fat Jew,’ Because Hey Why Not


Something truly amazing happened on the Internet today, and it had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Instead, in concerned Josh Ostrovsky, otherwise known as “The Fat Jew,” and his interview by none other than former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather for Mashable. Turns out Rather and Ostrovsky sat down on August 3, weeks before the ensuing online frenzy that renewed old criticism of the latter’s blatant (and repetitive) plagiarizing of jokes, memes and social media content for profit. After all, Ostrovsky had just been signed by CAA, a leading creative agency, so the fresh anger was understandable.

Needless to say, the prospect of putting these two in a room together — especially considering Rather’s own problematic career end at CBS — is just as awkwardly wonderful as you can imagine. To make matters worse better more entertaining, the un-retired news anchor wrote an op-ed about the interview, the ensuing revolt against Ostrovsky, and why he thinks we should all “forgive The Fat Jew and move on.”

Highlights include:

  • The exploding fist bump between the two men that opens the nearly three-minute video.
  • Rather, in an aside, referring to tweets as “always pillars of accuracy, the tweets.”
  • Rather, in reference to Ostrovsky’s fellow aggregator @fuckjerry, refers to the account as “F Jerry.” (In the written op-ed, however, Rather uses the full name of the account.)
  • Ostrovsky dropping his now-repeated “I’m not necessarily a comedian, I’m a curator” shtick in response to Rather’s questions about his being a “joke thief.”
  • The Fat Jews also drops his “army of interns” line, too.
  • Rather’s semi-jovial description of Ostrovsky’s comedian/curator spiel as a “blizzard of bullshit.” (Ostrovsky loved the line so much, I did a quick Google search to see if he’d already stolen it. Alas, he has not.)

Let’s be honest, though. The absolute best thing about this interview is the elderly, unknowing and seemingly-bored look on Rather’s face when Ostrovsky describes his work process. See if you can find it in the interview, courtesy of Mashable:

[h/t Mashable] [Image via screengrab]

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