Dan Rather In New Book: CBS Lawsuit Was ‘Worth It,’ Shed Light On ‘Ugly Truths’ About Network

Dan Rather, the former CBS anchor, said his lawsuit against the network was “worth it.” While the case was rejected by New York courts, in a new book entitled Rather Outspoken, Rather said it shed light on “ugly truths” about CBS.

Rather had filed $70-million breach-of-conduct case against CBS — following a much criticized report about President George W. Bush‘s military service. The lawsuit “took a big whack out of my time, my psyche and my bank balance, but even so, it was worth it,” he said. Even his wife had advised against it, Rather added — also noting that he still believes his story was true.

From the AP:

In his book, Rather describes being iced out of CBS during the 15-month period after he left as anchor of the “CBS Evening News” and finally left the network altogether in June 2006. He was working for “60 Minutes” during that period but said he constantly saw his stories criticized and ideas rejected.

“It was clear to everyone but me that I was being erased,” Rather wrote. “Nevertheless, I refused to believe what my eyes were seeing and my ears were hearing.”


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