‘Delegitimizing the American News Media!’ CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump’s Tweets


Things got intense on CNN after a panel discussion couldn’t agree on whether President Trump‘s latest tweet will encourage new levels of hostility towards the media.

Brian Stelter began by raising the questions about how Trump came across the video, and whether it goes to show how much time Trump spends on his political press fights. Jeffrey Lord responded by arguing that by the liberal media was overreacting to Trump, and that they ought to consider what led Steve Scalise‘s attacker to go on a rampage several weeks ago.

David Farenhold was eventually asked to comment on Trump’s tweet, particularly with regard to the ongoing debate about how seriously people should view the president’s social media statements. Farenhold said that Trump’s tweets were “dumb” and not “very presidential,” but he suggested Trump’s tweets were “just talk” while the president is yelling at a TV screen.

As Farenhold advised the media to focus on policy instead of rhetoric, Stelter shot back that Trump is “delegitimizing the American news media.” This prompted Boris Sanchez to ask Farenhold if he was suggesting that “we shouldn’t talk about the president acting the way that he has been towards the media?”

As Stelter and Farnehold continued to spar, Sanchez asked Lord about whether Trump is keeping up his war with the media because he doesn’t want to have a serious conversation about health care reform. As Lord defended Trump’s ability to focus on policy, Stelter engaged him by noting how Trump tweeted out a lot more anti-media statements than policy arguments this weekend.

CNN put out a statement earlier today, stating that the network is viewing Trump’s tweet as encouragement of violence towards reporters.

Watch above, via CNN.

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