CNN’s Acosta on Trump’s Tweets: ‘We Have to Stand Up to This’ Before Someone Gets Hurt


CNN’s Jim Acosta says that President Trump‘s latest Twitter attacks against the network will eventually lead America to the point where someone is encouraged to harm media people.

“We have to stand up to this. We have to confront this and say that it’s wrong,” Acosta said. “My concern is, and I know it’s shared by others, is that this kind of rhetoric, this kind of behavior is going to lead to a journalist being hurt. That’s the thing I worry about.”

Acosta has been a vocal critic of the White House’s recent string of off-camera press briefings, but he used his discussion with Fredricka Whitfield to focus on the fan video Trump tweeted of himself wrestling CNN to the ground. Acosta wondered about when the country will reach a point where both political sides will agree “enough is enough,” and Trump has to stop with his efforts to “intimidate” and “silence” the press.

As he went on, Acosta acknowledged how some critics dislike it when the media gets provokes into fighting with Trump about his behavior towards them, rather than focusing on policy. However, Acosta argued that the media has to call out Trump for his “unbecoming” antics whenever he insists on picking fights with CNN and Mika Brzezinski.

CNN contributor Ana Navarro made similar comments earlier today, saying Trump’s rhetoric will eventually result in the death of someone in the media.

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