Dem Rep. Lambasts GOP on Climate Change: ‘Science Does Not Exist on Capitol Hill’

The Republican-led House recently passed a bill basically telling NOAA to stop researching climate change and stick to other functions, which has naturally not sat well with Democrats. In an interview with Democracy Now!, Democratic congressman Peter Welch says this is a good example of how “science does not exist on Capitol Hill.”

Amy Goodman asked Welch for his reaction to the bill and how it managed to get passed in the House, bringing up his home state of Vermont and how it’s been affected by climate change. Welch pulled no punches in what he thinks of the move.

“You may have noticed that science does not exist on Capitol Hill. We’re in a fact-free zone here on some issues, you know? When it comes to climate change, people kind of make it up as they go along.”

Climate change has become a particularly contentious particular issue in the past few months, with Secretary of State John Kerry getting flak for saying climate change is one of the biggest dangers facing the U.S., on par with terrorism.

Watch the video below, via Democracy Now!:

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