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Dem Rep. Steve Cohen Goes Off On ‘Repugnant and Awful’ GOP During Rosenstein Hearing

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been testifying before the House Judiciary Committee all morning, with many Republicans trying to get the Deputy AG to admit wrongdoing on the part of Robert Mueller, who has been acting as special counsel in an investigation looking into potential collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. 

Rosenstein, the man who appointed Mueller to the investigation, testified that there has been “no good cause” to fire the former FBI director.

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen took the floor to ask Rosenstein if Trump had ever asked the Deputy AG to remove Mueller from the investigation, but soon launched into a tirade against the “repugnant and awful” GOP, who he accused of trying to drag our intelligence network through the mud just to score political points.

“The fact is, they didn’t start to dislike him until he started to get issues that affected the president that currently serves this country,” Cohen said of the GOP’s reaction to Mueller and his investigation. “Because of that, they’ve said the FBI was in tatters, that the FBI, the chief law enforcement, top law enforcement folks in this country, are questionable.”

“Some of their allies on television said they’re like the KGB,” he continued, likely referencing a recent — and very batty — rant by Fox News’s Gregg Jarrett.

Cohen became visibly shaken as he continued his remarks.

“They’ve questioned you. They’ve questioned the Justice Department. They’ve questioned some of the most loyal, dedicated, fearless people in our country who serve the rule of law,” he pronounced. “And I find it repugnant and awful.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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