April Fool’s Day

Twitter Reacts To Trump’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month Announcement: ‘This Is An April Fool’s Joke Right?’

Democratic Rep. Marks April Fools’ Day with Faux Bill Proposal to Stop Trump’s ‘Unsupervised Tweets’

Google Maps Is Letting You Play Ms. Pac-Man in the Street Right Now

Dems, GOP Commemorate April Fool’s Day About the Way You’d Expect They Would

As We Transition Out of April Fools Day Jokes, The Worst Joke This Year

China Bans April Fools. Apparently.

Rand Paul Reveals His Big Yuge Endorsement

Mediaite Presents the Best April Fools’ Headlines That Aren’t Real But Should Be

JOB POSTING: Freelance Tanning Reporter Wanted

Funny or Die Conquered by North Korea, Issues Totalitarian Remake of ‘The Landlord’

Harry Reid Is Terrible at April Fools’ Day

College Professor’s ‘No Phones’ Policy Destroyed by Student’s Brilliant Prank

Masterful NPR Prank Asks Why People Comment Without Reading

April Fools’ Story About Panda Euthanasia Went ‘Too Far,’ Taiwan Mayor Says

School Shooting False Alarm Is This Year’s Worst April Fools’ Day Prank

The White House Celebrates April Fools’ Day with Facial Hair

I Wish These Stories Were Actually April Fools’ Day Jokes

Today Show Prank Hilariously Falls Apart Right Before Our Eyes

Ted Cruz Flashes His Churchill Tattoo While Touting Obamacare Alternative

A Helpful Guide to This Year’s April Fools’ Day Pranks

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