Donald Trump Jr. Trolls Slate For a Report On His ‘Sexy Dad’ Instagram Account: ‘I’ll Take It!’


Donald Trump Jr. had some fun at the expense of the left-leaning site Slate for an article published about his Instagram account.

“Why does Donald Trump Jr. have a carefully curated ‘sexy dad’ Instagram persona?” Slate’s Rebecca Onion asks in a June 27th article.

This is how the author summarized Don Jr.’s Instagram activity:

Donald Trump Jr.’s Instagram is a combo pack of thirst traps. There’s the explicit MAGA stuff, for the politically minded: screenshots of tweets from his dad (or from him), memes about dumb libs, misleading charts about how great the economy is under Trump. For the people in his imagined audience who think he’s kind of hot, there are gym selfies and reports on CrossFit progress and miscellaneous masculinity bait, like snaps of him on mountaintops and with tractors and taking aim at a shooting range. But the most interesting artifacts on DJT Jr.’s Instagram may be the photos of him with his kids.

Onion goes into detail about how he refers to his five children as “monsters” or “Smurfs” in his captions and the types of photos he takes with them.

“Junior seems to want to frame himself not just as a normal dad but as an aspirational dad—a model of rugged, all-American fatherhood,” Onion analyzed. “These are not wussy, liberal, REI–Gore-Tex–CamelBak outdoors pics; Dad and kids are always garbed in camo or neon orange, and there are usually dead fish involved.

Well, Don Jr. took the article as a form of flattery.

“If my Instagram is curated I should fire myself since I do it all. Its simply a snapshot of my life away from work,” Don Jr. tweeted. “Thanks for the ‘Sexy Dad’ part though… I’ll take it.”

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