Don’t Ask Twitter Where to Find a Fake ID Because the Police Have Twitter Too


One young man in Winnipeg, Canada learned the hard way this week that Big Brother is always watching.

A Twitter user by the name @Adam_Earis took to the social media platform very innocently to a question that thousands of other people have also asked throughout human history:

Listen, it’s tough to be in the 18-20 years old range and not being able to buy alcohol or go out (of course, in Canada most provinces allow drinking at 19 so this guys’ even younger).

It took less than a day for the Winnipeg Police to follow up, earning nearly 500 retweets for their sense of humor in response to the kid’s request:

But what really makes this exchange particularly noteworthy is that the kid in question — who changed his Twitter photo to Superbad’s McLovin — then responded to the cops, using his brief fame as promotion:

Rest assured we here in the Mediaite office will definitely be waiting for the kid’s mixtape; he gets major credit for rolling with the punches and hustling his music in the process. His Twitter bio even reads, “I’m a rapper from Winnipeg, oh yeah I’m white btw.” Even the Winnipeg PD appreciated his mojo:

[h/t CBC]

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