Drudge Minions Hope LA’s Liberal Media Burns


drudge_8-31The lead story right now on Drudge Report is “Inferno May Take Out Los Angeles Media Towers.” The alarming headline actually links to an innocuous story from the Los Angeles Daily News.

It describes how the wildfires in LA are threatening to overrun communications facilities right now. Can you guess which direction the comments have taken on the post since Drudge started linking?

Here’s a brief description of the situation:

Firefighters will attempt to keep a strike force of fire engines on Mount Wilson, where critical communications facilities are in jeopardy of being overrun, a fire official said…Dozens of TV technicians are normally are stationed at Mount Wilson to keep 22 Los Angeles TV stations operating, along with about 25 fm radio stations and vital police and fire radio dispatch equipment functioning.

But with the Drudge commenters crossng over, the story has become about how the “liberal” media is just not worth saving. See – it’s actually a good thing.

Drudge minions like “TonyZ” came in and have left outlandish, but not surprising, comments like this:

All you liberal crybabies will soon get your wish. All dissenting views will be quashed by your Exalted Kenyan Messiah when he takes over the internet and conservative media. In the meantime, long live the First Amendment!

Ah that’s nice. At least we know some patriotic Americans are rooting against our country. Thanks to Drudge, this story will probably become a bigger one. And unlike Drudge commenters reactions, the story will likely focus on how to protect from further destruction.

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