Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins Holds Up Signs in Stunning Press Conference: ‘YOU AREN’T LISTENING’

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins had a message for President Donald Trump and others just one day after Trump’s decision to disinvite them from a White House celebration on June 5 to mark their Super Bowl win.

And he never uttered a single word.

In a stunningly silent press conference, Jenkins held up a sign reading “More than 60% of people in prison are people of color” during a locker room meeting with the press.

Then, as reporters asked him questions, to which he did not respond, he held up a second sign saying, “Nearly 200,000 juveniles enter the adult criminal system each year, most for non-violent crimes.”

With mics pushed in and questions continuing one reporter asked if Jenkins was “just gonna use these posters.”

Jenkins did not respond, instead holding up a sign reading, “you aren’t listening.”

Jenkins was not done yet. As reporters continued to dog him with questions, the silent Jenkins held up yet another sign reading “In 2018, 439 people shot and killed by police” which highlighted the racial disparity of police shootings, as well as a sign declaring on “any given night” 500,000 people sit in jail not because they are convicted but because they are poor.

Finally, he held up a sign filled with the names of prominent NFL social justice advocates, calling them “True Patriots” and in subsequent signs marking how those NFL players helped make America a better place.

On Tuesday, Trump disinvited the Super Bowl winning Eagles from the White House celebration claiming that the team disagreed with the idea of standing for the National Anthem.

However, while Trump managed to rally his base with the statement and promote his anti-kneeling cause, it was not true. Not only did Jenkins stand for the National Anthem at every game last season, all of his teammates did too.

Jenkins also took to Twitter this afternoon to post every single one of his signs:

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