Editor of Gun Magazine Taunts Ricky Gervais: How About Some ‘Giraffe Steak’?


Last week Ricky Gervais called out professional hunter Rebecca Francis after she posed next to a giraffe she had shot and killed. Gervais’ Facebook post garnered almost 200,000 shares, and, according to some, led to death threats against Francis, who maintained that the giraffe was near death anyway.

Since then Gervais has been battling it out with his critics on Twitter. On Sunder Bob Owens, editor of Bearing Arms magazine, sniped back:

The Twitter feud has been going on for two days now, wtih Owens fighting both Gervais and his fans:

So consider this today’s lesson in never getting to a battle of wits with a professional comedian:

Now let’s all delete our accounts together.

[Image via screengrab]

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