‘False Flag’ vs. ‘Wag the Dog’: Conspiracy Theories Emerge on Syria Missile Strike



Two conspiracy theories emerged during the lead-up to and in the immediate aftermath of President Donald Trump ordering missile strikes on Syria. The first, most prominently touted by Ron Paul and controversial commentator Mike Cernovich, claimed that the chemical weapons attack days ago that served as the justification for the attack was a “false flag.” The other theory wondered whether the raid on the Syrian airfield was a “wag the dog” scenario.

On Wednesday, former Congressman Paul posted to Twitter: “‘FALSE FLAG’ — Ron Paul Says Syrian Chemical Attack ‘Makes No Sense.’”He linked to a YouTube video where he made his case.

Cernovich also took to Twitter, boosting the #SyriaHoax hashtag. He underlined, “Fake news is forming a pro-war media narrative in real time. #SyriaHoax They want war and will attack people who want peace.” He also contended, “Deep state planned false flag Syria attack as far back as 2013, according to Daily Mail.” He later asked, “Did McCain give “moderate rebels” (ISIS) in Syria poison gas and Hollywood style film equipment?”

One of the most prominent “wag the dog” theorists on Twitter was former British MP Louise Mensch, who posted her contention on Thursday night.

The same evening, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and regular guest David Corn boosted this theory on Hardball. Matthews noted that Trump is “under incredible scrutiny for his relations…with the Russians.” He added that “we’re hearing lots of talks…that there may be military action against Russia’s number one ally, which is Syria. Is this to cover his tracks?” Corn replied, “Well, that would be the wag the dog scenario, right?”

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