‘F*cking Racist F*cking Bigot!’ Woman Goes Nuts on Plane, Gets Arrested

A Reddit user caught video of a woman being arrested on a plane and, when an officer tried to handcuff her, ranting wildly about how the people trying to detain her are all a bunch of “racist motherfuckers.”

This woman was reportedly being very “loud and obnoxious,” according to mikeirvingmedia, the Redditor who uploaded the video, and the flight attendants had to call the cops. As the woman was being handcuffed, she shouted, “You’re fucking harassing me! You’re a fucking bigot! You’re a fucking racist fucking bigot! All of you, racist motherfuckers!”

She continued spouting a couple more profanities. mikeirvingmedia provided some more details about what happened.

When the police came, she refused to move, started screaming at them and telling them she would sue, and when they told her she would be arrested if she didn’t cooperate that just edged her on more. Eventually that man (not sure if he was a cop or not) basically said fuck it you’re being carried off this plane.

You can watch the video here, via Mike Irving:

[h/t The Blaze]
[image via screengrab]

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