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Filmmaker Apologizes for Dumb MH370 Movie Trailer’s Love Triangle

The director of a controversial film about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight has a lot of things to apologize for, but as of now, is only apologizing for at least one thing from his offensive trailer: the implied love triangle.

In case you weren’t aware, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing less than three months ago, and director Rupesh Paul decided not only to make a film about it, but also to premiere its trailer at the Cannes Film Festival, of all places. He also included a shot of two flight attendants making out, with a third looking on ominously. Why would there be a love triangle on the MH370, you might ask? We have some ideas, and all of them involve the word “tasteless.”

Admittedly, the plot of The Vanishing Act: The Untold Story of the Missing Malaysian Plane isn’t supposed to use actual facts about the tragedy itself, and is supposed to be based on a rejected theory of what happened to the plane. But that’s still missing the point. In fact, Paul’s life seems to be a sequence in which he continually misses the point, as the AP reports:

In a statement to The Associated Press, Rupesh Paul Productions said he was removing that element of the teaser trailer soon “so as not to hurt sentiments” of the families of those on the plane.

He also offered “an unconditional apology to the families of the missing MH 370 passengers” and said he never “meant to hurt any of the grieving friends and families of the passengers in the missing plane nor make profit over the missing passengers.”

Nope, no plans on profiting at all! Just releasing a movie about a terrible tragedy that happened less than three months ago, capitalizing off your unresolved grief for the sake of making a big ol’ splash at possibly the biggest film festival in the world. Why you so butthurt, everyone.?

Seriously, this is the “I apologize if you took offense at my actions” of terrible filmmaking. And truly, the film looks terrible. The trailer looks like Dan Brown having an epileptic fit.

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