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Finnish Protesters Respond to Leader’s Call to End Multiculturalism

Last Friday, Finnish politician Olli Immonen took to Facebook to issue an interestingly-worded comment on the state of Finland, especially in regards to the “nightmare called multiculturalism”:

I’m dreaming of a strong, brave nation that will defeat this nightmare called multiculturalism. This ugly bubble that our enemies live in, will soon enough burst into a million little pieces. Our lives are entwined in a very harsh times. These are the days, that will forever leave a mark on our nations future. I have strong belief in my fellow fighters. We will fight until the end for our homeland and one true Finnish nation. The victory will be ours.

Immonen, a member of the anti-immigration, ultra-conservative political party The Finns (which honestly sounds more like a Eurojunk band than a party affiliation), decreed that multiculturalism is what’s currently wrong with the country. It’s a party line that mirrors much of what many other ultra-nationalist groups have been saying across Europe for the past decade. So in a sense, it’s nothing new.

Yet Immonen’s comment struck a chord with Finnish citizens, who came out in droves to support multiculturalism on Tuesday. Using the hashtag #meillaeonunelma, which translates “we have a dream,” the gathering in Helsinki drew thousands.

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