Fiorina Fires Back at WaPo Fact Checker for Labeling Career Claim ‘Bogus’

PicMonkey-Collage-FiorinaCarly Fiorina fired back tonight at a Washington Post fact checker for saying her claim that she went from being a secretary to becoming a CEO is “bogus.”

The fact check does not dispute that she was a secretary, but does dispute “a Horatio Alger-like narrative where a character starts at the lowest ranks of an industry, pulls themselves up by their bootstraps and, against all odds, reaches the top position in the industry.”

WaPo‘s Michelle Ye Hee Lee gave Fiorina’s statements three Pinocchios because “she conveniently glosses over the only-for-Fiorina opportunities and options beyond what the proverbial mailroom worker has.”

Radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Fiorina about what he called WaPo‘s “journalistic malpractice.” Fiorina responded, “That one, I must say, has sort of floored me, because basically the Washington Post is saying no, I was not a secretary.”

She said the liberal media must be “so threatened by her” they’re trying to take her down, and said they never did the same to President Obama. Both of them also laughed off the idea that just because her father was a law professor, she was very well-off.

Listen to the audio above, via The Hugh Hewitt Show.

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