New Video Shows Ted Cruz Did Not ‘Ignore’ Carly Fiorina Falling Off Rally Stage


Apparently, the left- and right-wing internet thinks that Ted Cruz is history’s greatest monster because his hypothetical running mate Carly Fiorina fell off the stage at a rally in Lafayette, Indiana on Sunday, and the Texas Senator cruelly and coldly “ignored” her plight. The viral video even has some conservatives questioning Ted Cruz’s “values,” because it turns out when people already don’t like you, everything you do makes you Satan (or Lucifer, I guess). This is how the incident is being portrayed:

As it turns out, Cruz didn’t actually “ignore” Fiorina’s fall, and Fiorina didn’t really even “fall off the stage,” as another angle of the video pretty clearly shows. Here’s the moment from two different angles:

From the second angle, you can see that Fiorina fell over, but appears to have caught herself, and didn’t fall off the stage, while it also reveals that Cruz was actually a good distance behind Fiorina and didn’t “ignore” her fall, he just didn’t see it. By the time he got near her, she was up, and she was okay!

Look, it’s a free country, so if you want to think that Ted Cruz is a “hateful bigot” or a “piece of human garbage,” you’re more than welcome to do so, but surely there are better reasons than that he didn’t see someone stumble for a few seconds while he was shaking hands with people.

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