Fiorina Pulls a Reverse Rubio By Trying to Shake her Voters and Delegates to Thwart Trump


Yesterday, MSNBC unearthed a letter that was sent by Marco Rubio to the delegates he won while still running for president. In the letter, he asked them to stay loyal to him even though his campaign was suspended. The goal was to make sure that Donald Trump can’t receive the requisite number of delegates to get the Republican nomination.

Today, a letter from another former GOP candidate, Carly Fiorina, is floating around. Her request is very different than Rubio’s but they have the same goal:

Fiorina wants her name off of the ballot in the upcoming California primary, where there are 172 delegates to be won. She recently endorsed Trump’s biggest rival, Ted Cruz, so the formal request to have her name taken from the ballot in California indicates that Cruz’s campaign believes he will absorb anyone who may have voted for her.

Other former candidates made similar moves this time, too, though it can be assumed Chris Christie has taken the measure to ensure that his would-be votes go to Trump, as he’s endorsed him.

At the very least, Fiorina’s letter is devoid of spelling errors, which is more than Rubio can say about the one he sent his delegates.

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