Fired Google Engineer Speaks Out, Says Company ‘Betrayed’ Him


James Damore — the Google engineer bounced from the company after his controversial memo concerning women in tech went viral — is speaking out to Bloomberg TV.

In an interview published last Wednesday night, with Bloomberg reporter Emily Chang, Damore defended his memo and said he felt hurt and betrayed by his former colleagues.

“I’m definitely hurt. I love Google and I’ve always been a fan of Google even before I joined,” he said, “So it really feels like they betrayed me in some way.”

Despite circulating internally at Google for more a month, Damore became a lightening rod after Gizmodo published the memo in full over the weekend. Broadly speaking, Damore’s thesis claimed that gender disparities in tech stemmed less from societal discouragement and were instead related to biological differences between men and women.

According to Damore, the whole document was a big nothingburger at Google — until the media got wind.

“The whole point of my memo was to improve Google and Google’s culture and they just punished me and shamed me,” he said. “Even though there were many people that looked at it, It was only after it got viral that upper management started shaming me and eventually firing me.”

Since publishing the memo, Damore has been hailed as a hero by the alt-right and conservatives sympathetic to his positions. His first post-firing interview was to alt-right icon and accused cult leader Stefan Molyneux, which certainly didn’t do anything to dampen the enthusiasm of his new fans.

Still, he insisted that he didn’t “identify with the alt-right” and insisted he was “more of a centrist.”

Damore closed the interview saying that while he was broadly in favor of bringing diversity to Google, he wished that that diversity could also include ideological balance.

“The stereotype that all conservatives are stupid, for example. That is widely held in left-leaning circles. That has hurt us. It makes us alienate large portions of the population”

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