Florida Rep. Torches Trump For Inaction on Guns, Being Same as Politicians: ‘He’s No Different!’


President Donald Trump patted himself on the back Thursday for legislation passed in Florida which included a provision for arming some teachers.

“I guess they’ve been listening to me a lot more because, unexpectedly, they passed concealed-carry for some very special teachers that have a great ability with weapons and with guns,” Trump said. He added, “I guess they liked what I said. …A lot of people were surprised. I wasn’t so surprised. I think they did a great job in many respects.”

Thursday on CNN, anchor Brooke Baldwin asked State Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Coral Springs) whether he believes the president deserves any credit for the bill.

And the state legislator absolutely went to town:

No, I don’t need to give the president any credit. I’m just a lowly state representative. He’s the president. I shouldn’t have even had to do this. My members shouldn’t have had to do this. He’s got very expensive and fancy paper in his Oval Office. He’s got very expensive pens. He could have signed an executive order dealing with bump stocks a long time ago. But we had to deal with it because he refused to.

You know, he was talking about gun control. And then all of a sudden he decided to start talking about tariffs. He’s the president. He was telling us when he was running that he’s not a regular politician, he was going to be different. He’s no different!

Moskowitz wasn’t finished.

“Sign an executive order on bump stocks!” He exclaimed. “We don’t need to wait for Jeff Sessions. You don’t even like Jeff Sessions! What are we waiting for him for? Get some nice paper out. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of pens. And sign an executive order.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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