NYT Has to Correct Story After Error Caused By ‘Millennials to Snake People’ Chrome Extension


Remember, kids: Always turn off your “Millennials to Snake People” Chrome extension before editing articles for a major publication.

New York Times editor Justin Bank admitted that he was the guilty party in failing to notice that a piece referred to “The Great Recession” as “The Time of Shedding and Cold Rocks” due to a “correction” made by Millennials to Snake People, a Google Chrome extension which changes certain phrases to other funny ones to mock the disdain many in the older crowd have for the younger generation. It’s flagship autocorrect is, of course, one which changes any instance of “millennials” to “Snake People.”

Gizmodo reached out to the creator of the Chrome extension, Eric Bailey, for comment on the snafu. He responded simply: “Computers were a mistake.”

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