For Some Reason, Senator Explains Plot of Minority Report During Sessions Confirmation Hearing


While Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) was questioning President-elect Donald Trump’s Attorney General pick Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) in today’s confirmation hearing, the conversation somehow turned to detailing the plot of well-regarded sci-fi films.

Crapo was discussing an Obama Administration operation affecting certain industries, such as coin dealers, installment loan providers and ammunition/firearms sales. He mentioned that the businesses “who operate in these industries haven’t done anything wrong, but these are industries that might do more wrong than other industries” and that we are “going to pressure people out of these industries.”

The Republican lawmaker followed that up by then comparing this situation to the 2002 Tom Cruise starrer Minority Report.

“It reminds me of a 2002 movie called Minority Report,”Crapo said. “It was a Tom Cruise movie about an advanced police force in the future that had developed the ability to know you if you were going to commit a crime before you committed the crime.”

He added that the police force was really good at stopping crime until one of the police came up on the list, “and that was the story of that movie.” Crapo then wanted to know if Sessions was going to make sure people in those industries could get federal financing.

Crapo giving spoilers to Minority Report during a Senate confirmation hearing got some reaction on Twitter:

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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