Fox & Friends: What About Everything Named After KKK ‘Grand Cyclops’ Robert Byrd


During his now infamous press conference from Trump Tower on Tuesday, Donald Trump speculated that if we start taking down statues of Confederate icons like Robert E. Lee, we would head down a slippery slope to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson — both also slaveholders.

On Fox & Friends Wednesday, co-host Steve Doocy seemed intent on taking a trip down that slippery slope apparently all the way to the blue hills of West Virginia.

He began with recent news that a different Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina was illegally toppled by protesters.

That led to a discussion about where it all ends.

“How many signers of the Declaration of Independence were slave owners, and somebody emailed me, about a third of them were. What happens to them and their historical record going forward?” asked Doocy.

He continued.

“I also saw something online that talked about what about all the places in West Virginia named after Robert Byrd, who was a U.S. Senator for decades out there who was in his 20s a recruiter for the KKK and I think he eventually rose up to Grand Cyclops of his local chapter, what happens to all those buildings in West Virginia with his name on it? That is a debate we are about to have.”

Fact Check: Byrd was an Exalted Cyclops of the KKK — a position he was elected to unanimously by his fellow members, and his years of steering federal pork to West Virginia has led to his name being just about everywhere in the state .

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