WATCH: Protestors Topple Confederate Monument in North Carolina


Protestors gathered outside of the Durham County Courthouse in North Carolina Monday evening to pull down a confederate monument.

As shown in the dramatic video, a woman climbed up a ladder to the monument of a confederate soldier, and attached a rope around the statue.

After she descends from the ladder, a number of protestors topple the monument, which according to CBS North Carolina was erected in 1924 and engraved with “The Confederate States of America.”

After the statue crashed to the ground a number of protestors proceeded to kick and spit on it.

The toppling comes after Saturday’s protest in Charlottesville against the removal of a Robert E. Lee monument turned violent.

Clashes between neo-Nazis gathered to defend the Civil War monument and anti-racist protestors culminated in terror, when a 20-year-old white supremacist plowed his car into a crowd, killing one and injuring 19 more.

In the aftermath of the attack, a number of state leaders called for the removal of confederate memorials in their states. The mayor of Baltimore has announced she plans to remove all public odes to the Confederacy.

Things are more cumbersome in North Carolina: the state has more than 200 Civil War “memorials, statues, and markers,” and in 2015, former Republican Gov. Pat McCrory signed a law protecting such statues from removal.

UPDATE –– 11:15 pm ET: Governor Roy Cooper tweeted this in response:

Watch the Durham video above, via NBC4.

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