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Fox News Guest Breaks Down Discussing Trump’s ‘Sexual Assault’ Language: ‘It’s Just Not OK’

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-12-58-36-pmMarjorie Clifton, a Democratic consultant who advised on the campaign of President Barack Obama, told Fox News’s Bill Hemmer that it is absolutely, “just not OK,” to consider electing Donald Trump in light of his newest controversy. Her voice quivering throughout, she eventually took a break as she broke down in tears when analyzing the possibility of still electing Trump President.

Audio emerged Friday of the Republican nominee having an off-the-record conversation with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush about grabbing women, a move that has caused several of his Republican counterparts to withdraw their endorsements in the hours since the audio was published by the Washington Post.

“What he described was sexual assault, let’s not mince words or be gray about what he was saying,” Clifton said on Fox News Saturday. “And any woman who has been the recipient of unwanted sexual advances — a married woman, by the way, who he’s describing — is cringing, is physically reacting to what they heard. I’m horrified, I’m saddened.”

Clifton continued, “I can not even believe at this point we are even considering putting him in office knowing what he know,” as she began apologizing to Hemmer for clearly being drawn to tears on live television.

She noted that it’s simply impossible for the American people to consider electing a man who we now knowingly once talked “…about sexually assaulting women, talk[ed] about women the way he does. And i’m sorry, it’s just not OK,” she said.

Watch above via Fox News.

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