Fox’s Gasparino: Who Wouldn’t Support Waterboarding to Prevent Hostage Situation in NYC?


While the hostage crisis was ongoing in Sydney, Australia Monday morning, Fox Business Network reporter Charlie Gasparino wondered whether waterboarding would have prevented Man Haron Monis‘s actions had they happened in New York City:

Some Twitter users questioned him, but Gasparino stuck to his guns:

He then sought to clarify his actual position on torture, saying he doesn’t “favor” torture, but …

The Huffington Post ran a story chronicling the tweets, saying Gasparino made it “clear” where he stands on torture. Gasparino then took to Twitter to slam them for taking his comments “out of context,” and he referred them to what he has said on air about torture:

Well, here’s what Gasparino said on the air today:

“I’m not saying I’m for torture, I’m not saying I think waterboarding is the greatest thing in the world, I am telling you this: before we beat up on our intelligence community that has kept us relatively safe since 9/11, think about what we are giving up here. These are people that want to hurt us, destroy our economy, harm our citizens, and wreak havoc. That is the very essence of terrorism.”

Gasparino also slammed Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) for releasing the controversial “torture report,” which “embarrassed” and “beat up on” those who protect us.

Gasparino is, of course, no stranger to Twitter brawls or even shouting down his own colleagues.

Watch the video below, via Fox Business Network:

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