‘Fried Chicken WITH A FORK?!’: Jon Stewart Would Have a Field Day With Trump’s Latest Food Flap

In the summer of 2011, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart went on an epic tear through he’ll-never-run-for-office Donald Trump when the real estate mogul was caught eating pizza not only at Famous Famiglia (meh New York pizza), but also eating it with a fork and knife.

“Donald Trump, why don’t you just take that fork and stick it in New York’s eye?” asked an impassioned Stewart at the time, who broke down the now-infamous moment that Trump dined with Sarah Palin at the mediocre midtown eatery. “A fucking fork?! NO! LA FORKETA SATANICA!” he continued in the bit, which became an instant classic in the Daily Show canon of Stewart slams.

Flash forward to 2016; Stewart has left the halls of his Chelsea TV studio, but the 2011 Fork Flap was not enough to kill the ambitions of the real estate icon. If only Stewart were around now to see what the GOP nominee is eating these days.

The so-called “astonishingly excellent” health of Donald Trump apparently took a back seat in his gold-plated airplane last night, as the mogul Tweeted an image of himself eating Kentucky Fried Chicken… with a fork and knife. “Great afternoon in Ohio & a great evening in Pennsylvania,” he wrote, making it more like Ohio Fried Chicken.

The Donald can be seen with a bucket of fried chicken, sides of (presumably) gravy and mashed potatoes, extra salt and an untouched Wall Street Journal that I can only imagine was staged there for the picture.

Really? Fried chicken with a folk, Trumpy? LA FORKETA SATANICA.

[image via screengrab]

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