From Radio Silence to Full-On Media Bashing: How The Donald Got His Groove Back in 5 Tweets


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.28.47 PMThis morning, the cheeky crowd over at Politico headlined their website with a counter to indicate how long it had been since Donald Trump Tweeted. It may sound like a strange thing to tally, but considering the GOP frontrunner lives on the social media platform, it was noteworthy to see him silent after finishing second (losing) the Iowa Caucus.

The official time away from Twitter after finishing second in Iowa (losing) clocked somewhere around 16 hours; I can’t say for certain, since Trump has since deleted his latest Tweet from Monday night, one encouraging Iowa voters to get out and caucus around 7:30 p.m. (His page currently reflects one from early Monday morning, but anything past that on Monday seems to have vanished).

Regardless, at 11:03 a.m. ET Tuesday morning, the real estate mogul and former favorite to win the Iowa Caucus dusted off his iPhone keys and got to Tweeting. He started innocently enough, seeming to take his medicine in stride:

Perhaps feeling the circulation of cold blood surging through his New York value veins, Trump returned eleven minutes later:

A “great honor” the man declares! Look at him go. I wonder if he eats his humble pie with a fork and knife, too.

Then, confidently asserting his manliness over his 5.98 million Twitter followers, Trump’s bravado grew three sizes within minutes, swinging back at 11:29:

FROM THE ASHES A PHOENIX SHALL RISE! Donald J. Trump — racist eater of burgers, occasional skipper of debates, loser of Caucuses — was returning to his old form, blindly swiping away at the media that has covered all of his moves since June, short of pee breaks at the little real estate mogul’s room.

Five minutes later, another:

MAKING TWITTER UNBEARABLE AGAIN! And finally, Trump fired off his last pity party of the morning, proving once and for all that his humility is as shortly lived as his chances of winning the Iowa Caucus:

There you have it — how Donald got his groove back, Stella style, in only 36 minutes. Time will tell if finishing second in Iowa (losing) will have a permanent impact on the man; for instance, will he blindly retweet bimbo attacks at Megyn Kelly anymore? How about his penchant for tacitly supporting white supremacists on Twitter? Retweeting laughably false crime statistics? Or terribly photoshopped accusations of Fox News-Saudi Arabia ties?

For the love of both Corinthians, someone take this man’s phone away.

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