George Conway Cites Article Mocking Trump’s’ Increasingly Pathetic and Impotent’ Rage-Tweets


Once again, there’s probably going to an interesting night in Kellyanne Conway‘s house, thanks to her husband’s latest criticisms of her boss.

George Conway is back on Twitter to slam Donald Trump in light of his recent policy setbacks and questionable decisions on various fronts. First, he remarked on how many Republicans are bashing Trump as he flinches on the border wall and draws outrage for pulling U.S. troops out of Syria while claiming ISIS has been beaten.

Later, Conway noted Vladimir Putin‘s delight over the Syrian situation, and he turned up the heat on Trump by implying he’s a puppet of the Russian president.

Finally, Conway cited a column that made fun of Trump’s latest self-defensive tweets, saying they belie the president’s “increasingly pathetic and impotent” political standing.

As a bonus, here’s a sampler of what Conway has been retweeting from others on Thursday.

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