George Conway On Trump’s Feud With Sessions Over GOP Indictments: ‘Facts Are Very Bad’

George Conway is throwing himself into the new mix-up between Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions.

The outspoken husband of White House special counselor Kellyanne Conway posted an Axios report on Tuesday which covers the president’s anger over the Department of Justice’s indictments against Chris Collins (R-NY) and Duncan Hunter (R-CA).

As you can gather by the points Mr. Conway highlighted, the piece makes note of Republicans who feel troubled by the idea that Trump wants the DOJ to operate by prosecuting political enemies while protecting allies. The piece also notes that the president’s statement will almost certainly be incorporated into litmus tests for any attorney general he nominates in the event that Sessions gets fired in the foreseeable future.

“Like everything else, he shoots first and then asks questions later,” said a Republican lawyer cited by Axios. “So in his … mind he thinks he can find someone to take the job who will be confirmable and rein in Mueller. So he’ll force out Sessions and then find there’s no one who will take the job who the Senate Republicans can support.”

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