George Zimmerman Bashes ‘Baboon’ Obama After WDBJ Shooting


Not to be outdone by Dinesh D’Souza, George Zimmerman took to his confirmed Twitter account on Wednesday night to troll everyone following the news that two WDBJ employees had been killed on live television.

He initially began with a string of tweets aimed directly at President Barack Obama:

Zimmerman even dovetailed into outright racist jabs at Obama after the latter commented on the incident:

Thursday morning, he returned to take on his critics with an equally unflattering array of tweets. Highlights include abrupt reference to Trayvon Martin, the WDBJ shooting suspect, and Obama:

It’s all kind of gross, really, but Zimmerman seems to be enjoying himself. Most trolls do:

[h/t NY Daily News, Raw Story]
[Image via Twitter]

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