WDBJ Shooting Survivor Vicki Gardner Speaks Out on Fox News

Beck: Are ‘Sharptons of the World’ Responsible for WDBJ Shooter’s Thinking?

WDBJ Reporter’s Father Disappointed Virginia Senators Haven’t Called

Law Enforcement Officials Say WDBJ Shoter Closely Identified with 9/11 Attackers

O’Reilly Connects WDBJ Shooting to U.S. ‘Turning Away from Spiritualism’ and Religion

IFC Mockumentary Series Postpones Episode over Similarities to WDBJ Shooting

WATCH: WDBJ Morning Show Hosts Hold Hands for Emotional Moment of Silence

Fox’s Ablow: If Obama Wants to Stop Shootings, He Should ‘Stop Inflaming Racial Discord’

MSNBC Host Says Hillary Used Murdered WDBJ Journalists to Cover Up Email Remarks

Censoring WDBJ Footage Isn’t as Simple as Rebuking Journalists for Doing So

George Zimmerman Bashes ‘Baboon’ Obama After WDBJ Shooting

Don Lemon: Yes, WDBJ Shooter Was ‘Racist’

NY Daily News Defends Graphic WDBJ Shooting Cover

Trump Diagnoses WDBJ Shooter: ‘This Isn’t a Gun Problem’

Cornel West: Blame a ‘Love Deficit,’ Not Race, for WDBJ Shooting

Dinesh D’Souza Twitter-Trolls Obama, #BlackLivesMatter over WDBJ Shooting

NY Daily News Cover Features Horrifying Stills from Video Posted by WDBJ Shooter

Alison Parker’s Father: ‘We’ve Got to Do Something About Crazy People Getting Guns’

Fox’s Gretchen Carlson Wants to Know Why WDBJ Shooting Isn’t a ‘Hate Crime’

This Man Is Not the Alleged WDBJ Shooter, So Stop Saying He Is With This Photo

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