Glenn Beck and Candace Owens Celebrate Louis Farrakhan’s Praise of Trump


Filing this under things that I did not see coming in 2018: Candace Owens, a brainless pro-Trump YouTube personality who is now famous because Kanye West tweeted about her once, celebrated Louis Farrakhan‘s recent praise of President Donald Trump. Glenn Beck agreed.

Farrakhan — a noted anti-Semite who also praised Trump during the 2016 campaign for rejecting donations Jewish groups — said on Friday that Trump “is destroying every enemy that was an enemy of our rise.” Farrakhan cited the media, Congress and the Justice Department as those enemies.

Candace Owens, whose idiocy really cannot be underestimated, and apparently was unaware that Farrakhan had previously praised Trump, suggested that the controversial minister’s comments show the black community is coming around to the president.

“In no way do I endorse Farrakhan’s views but holy crap this is a really big deal,” Owens tweeted. “He has just aligned himself with Trump’s administration. What is going on in the black community right now is unprecedented. Flag this. It’s relevant.”

Glenn Beck, who recently hopped aboard the Trump Train himself after being a longtime “Never Trumper,” agreed with Owens’s take.

“This is huge,” he wrote. “[Owens] is correct. And it is the principle of what caused all of our damage in the Middle East. It never leads to peace. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. We must find reconciliation in our hearts, not, hate, destruction or violence even of the tongue.”

In a subsequent tweet Owens admitted that Farrakhan was an “anti-semite” but called his comments “relevant.”

Farrakhan called for an end to white men in a tweet Sunday morning, claiming their “nature is not in harmony with the nature of God.”

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