Twitter Mob Bashes Ivanka Trump For Posting Photo of Son Amidst Reports of ‘Lost’ Migrant Children


Ivanka Trump posted a picture of herself holding her infant son today, and now her father’s critics are accusing her of being callous and tone-deaf considering the dire reports coming in from the U.S. Southern Border.

The HHS recently confirmed to Congress that they have lost track of more than a thousand children from migrant families who were detained while trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump Administration policy allows border law enforcement to separate these children from their parents, but now, not only are there 1,475 children unaccounted for, there are also fears that some of them might’ve been snatched by human traffickers and other criminal elements.

Trump has tried to pin the blame for the policy on Democrats, but the fact is that the enforcement priority was authorized under his administration. As a result, a lot of people on Twitter are panning Ivanka’s photo as insensitive — with some even going to far as to suggest it was deliberate:

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