Glenn Beck: Europe Has The Vanilla Ice Of Health Care Systems


The men in the white coats have come to get Glenn Beck! Kidding. Turns out Beck merely decided last night to take a page from President Obama’s notebook and surround himself with doctors last night. Or at least people dressed as doctors. Because people in white lab coats add an air of “credibility” to any proceeding. Or an air of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, depending.

Beck’s leaping off point is one most conservatives happen to be leaning on these days, namely, polls show the public is not enthralled with HCR — as they understand it, anyway. Also, the health care bill is socialist, which now that the public option has been diminished to invisibility is even more of a stretch. But nevertheless. Why does the government want to turn us into Europeans! What is so enviable about Europeans with their bad teeth, and questionable hygiene, and their little cars? Beck’s words not mine, by the way (though his version is obviously funnier). “France is a nice place to visit, but I don’t want to live there!” It must be said, however, their cheese and chocolate is far superior. Also, our health care bill, such as it is right now, is pretty far from resembling anything you’d find in Europe.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, this all ties in to the Statue of Liberty (lately the Kevin Bacon of Beck’s world view), which, says Beck, was less a gift than and gesture of envy and admiration. (Enter the pipe!) Meaning….even the 19th Europeans knew they wouldn’t like their health care eventually? Not sure. Actually, no, what it means is that in the same way American Idol contestants don’t want to be Vanilla Ice, the American health care system should not be trying to be like Europe. Except Vanilla Ice has had more hits in the last 100years than Europe. Maybe tonight we will discover whether MC Hammer represents the economy. The video is below (slightly edited for time) .

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