Audacity Of Going Roguer: Sarah Palin Signs New Book Deal

This morning is not lacking for Sarah Palin news. From Politico:

HarperCollins announced a SECOND Palin book yesterday (currently untitled) that ‘will be a celebration of American virtues and strengths. Palin will reflect on the key values-both national and spiritual-that have been such a profound part of her life and which continue to inform her vision of the future. The book will include selections from classic and contemporary readings that have inspired her, as well as portraits of some of the extraordinary men and women she admires and who embody her love of country, faith, and family. She will also draw from her personal experience to amplify these timely (and timeless) themes. … The deal was negotiated by Jonathan Burnham, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Harper, and Palin’s attorney, Robert B.Barnett of Williams & Connolly.

Robert Barnett is, of course, the ‘attorney’ who negotiates all of D.C.’s big book deals. I can’t be the only person dying to find out what the “selections from classic and contemporary readings” will include. Needless to say this sounds a lot like the Palin version of Audacity of Hope, and I suspect the publication date, when it’s eventually announced, will be just in time for the 2011 holiday season.

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