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Gov. David Paterson Ends Campaign: ‘Accumulation Of Obstacles’ (Video)

Add another governor scalp to the New York Times‘ belt. A, dare we say, dignified Gov. David Paterson just confirmed at a short press conference that he was ending his bid for election due to an “accumulation of obstacles” presumably a (actually surprisingly unbitter) reference to a series of damaging articles the New York Times has run on the Gov. in the last ten days. Said Paterson: “It’s become increasing clear to me in the last few days I cannot run for office and manage the state’s business at the same time.”

All things considered, I thought Paterson sounded fairly calm and classy about the entire debacle, noting that up until the last few days he had fully intended to serve another term (ouch). Said Paterson: “But I am realistic about politics — it hasn’t been the latest distraction, it’s been an accumulation of obstacles that have obfuscated me from bringing my message to the public.”

Paterson also noted that he still has 308 days left of this one, during which he would “spend every one of them fighting for the people of New York.” He also gave his “personal oath” that he had done nothing wrong and said that he was “looking forward to a full investigation of acts involving myself and my administration…I believe when the facts are reviewed the truth will prevail.” He didn’t actually say “you’ll miss me when I’m gone” but you get the sense that’s what he was thinking and probably hoping his audience was thinking. Video of Paterson’s presser below, including the two questions he took afterward.

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