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Graphic Video Shows Bahraini Protesters Being Shot As They March Through Street

The protests in Bahrain, just one in a series of nations that have been inspired by the revolt in Egypt to host their own anti-government rallies, appear to have tragically strayed from their non-violent beginnings. Video released from within the country now shows protesters flooding the streets and chanting peacefully before being shot in cold blood, on camera.

The New York Times reports that, unlike some other nations in the area, the Bahraini king, Hamed bin Isa al-Khalifa, had specifically warned that he had no qualms about killing protesters, and upon seeing them undeterred, fired shots on Friday:

King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa’s government had warned them: march and you will be shot. The opposition had warned the king that it would never give up.

Both sides held fast in a confrontation that continued to escalate by the day as the king, a Sunni, showed his increasing willingness to use lethal force to preserve his absolute authority, and the opposition, mostly from the majority Shiite community, showed that it was increasingly galvanized by that use of force.

The following video shows some of these protesters suffering precisely the time of repercussions they were warned about. Warning: This video contains raw footage that is extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers:


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