Guess Who’s Using Her 9/11 Tribute Tweet to Attack NFL Players?


On the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren commemorated the loss of nearly 3,000 American lives by attacking NFL players who have protested police brutality by kneeling for the pre-game national anthem.

“17 years ago Americans of all races, backgrounds, and political affiliations came together under the flag to comfort one another, hold our nation together and fight for our values as Americans,” Lahren tweeted. “Today we have high-paid athletes who refuse to even stand to honor those values. Sad.”

In 2016, Lahren used her attacks against former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his critiques of the American justice system to sky rocket to viral fame.

“I support the First Amendment. I support your right to freedom of speech and expression,” Lahren said in the infamous rant.

“It protects your right to be a whiny, indulgent, attention-seeking cry baby,” she added. “It also protects my right to shred you for it.”

Her hatred for Kaepernick and racial justice movements like Black Lives Matter ultimately resulted in her earning the mocking nickname “Tammy” from the Washington, D.C. rapper Wale — which many Twitter users still use to roast the right-wing pundit whenever she goes viral again for making laughable remarks.

UPDATE: Following the publication of this post, Lahren issued the following tweet explaining why she thinks the protests against police brutality and 9/11 are correlated:

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