Hannity Laments How Scared Barron Trump Was of the Kathy Griffin Photo…After Showing It


During his monologue tonight, Fox News host Sean Hannity went on a rant about how liberal hosts don’t have his back when it comes to the supposed attacks on his freedom of speech in the wake of the Seth Rich controversy.

While going on about what he felt was the hypocrisy coming from the left when it comes to smearing and attacking conservatives, Hannity predictably got to the villain du jour, Kathy Griffin. In the conservative commentator’s opinion. Griffin only thought she could get away with her infamous beheaded Trump photo because liberals always feel like it is OK to go after conservatives.

And then he showed the image, warning his audience that it was graphic before doing so.

However, not even a minute later, he decided to go after comedian Jim Carrey’s defense of Griffin by highlighting that the president’s young son was extremely frightened when he saw the image.

“The president’s 11-year-old son, Barron — you know, now he has to see stuff like this,” Hannity stated. “TMZ reported he was watching TV when he first saw that image of Griffin with the bloody head of his father, and he got so scared because he thought it was real.”

He continued, “Now wouldn’t you think the left might have a little sympathy? A little compassion? A little bit of respect for an 11-year-old kid? Let alone the president’s son?”

Let’s just remind you…Hannity had JUST SHOWN the graphic image on his show. A photo he said scared young Barron Trump to death.

He didn’t blur anything. He didn’t crop the picture. He made sure that the entire thing was shown in all of its glory, even though other outlets — including Fox News programs — have decided against that.

Doesn’t it seem like Hannity’s righteous indignation over this graphic photo and how traumatizing it is for Barron loses a whole lot of steam when he is explicitly pasting it on the television screen of his highly rated cable news program? Isn’t a little rich for him to ask for some respect for the president’s son when he is using the image as part of his program’s content?

Or maybe that’s just me.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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