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HAVE A SEAT: Chris Hansen Is Back With a Sizzle Reel of His New Predator-Snatching TV Show

Screen-Shot-2016-08-17-at-2.05.58-PMSomewhere in a TV executive’s office in Hollywood, former Dateline NBC host Chris Hansen is pitching his newest concept. He’s tossing on his blazer confidently, slicking his hair back, suavely saying the iconic words, “Have a seat,” and delivering the log line for his newest television hopeful:

Hansen vs. Predator.

No, that’s not the name that I gave it as a jokey spinoff; that’s the actual title of the show that Hansen — the longtime Dateline host whose former gig To Catch a Predator proved to be a fan-favorite spanning three years — is trying to get back on air. The concept as you likely remember well involved the show’s production staff posing as underage children and luring in adult men willingly looking for sex with a minor. Every horrifyingly vivid detail was capture in real time for the NBC show, which boasted,”at any given time, 50,000 predators are on the Internet prowling for children.” Luckily for us, the sizzle reel for the rebooted concept has been released:

The original show was so popular that it was allegedly cancelled for the simple fact that it became too difficult to get potential predators to show up to the sting operations.

The host launched a Kickstarter in April 2015, looking for funding to reboot his show, and the project is the aforementioned Hansen vs. Predator. The producers worked with law enforcement in Fairfield, Connecticut for the unique sizzle reel footage, and is currently shopping the concept around to networks looking to get the greenlight.

Watch the above sizzle reel above via YouTube.

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