Have You Ever Seen a Priest Do a Line of Coke? Do You Wanna?


Lately, one hot topic has been getting a lot of attention and it’s priests behaving badly. Some of the bad behavior is minor, but much of it — as last night’s many Oscars wins for the movie Spotlight highlighted — centers on sex scandals and abuse.

You know what kind of abuse doesn’t get mentioned a lot? Drug abuse. Maybe because there aren’t a lot of priests popping Molly or blazing before a sermon or benefit breakfast. Then again, maybe there are and I just didn’t know until I watched the following video of a priest in Ireland railing a line of coke:

As The Sun points out, the video reveals that the priest’s home (on church property!) is full of Nazi memorabilia, but what really sticks out to me is the Jason DeRulo playing in the background. Did you really do blow if there wasn’t a dance track almost blowing out the bass on a sub-par sound system nearby?

The Sun also dubbed Father Stephen Crossan‘s night careening down a slippery slope of fresh powder as part of “a two-day bender.” Fr. Crossan, for his part, is sticking with the following pronouncement:

It was just the one night and that was it. I do not have an issue with drugs.

Not like that sounds like something a drug addict would say or anything…

He also insisted this:

I’m no Nazi. I collect historical stuff. There’s stuff there from every country.

Not like that sounds like something a Nazi would say or anything…

[image via screengrab]

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