comScore Here's What Twitter Thought About Brian Williams' Non-Answers

Here’s What Twitter Thought About Brian Williams’ Non-Answers

brian williams interview twitter reactsThe TODAY Show aired Matt Lauer‘s pre-recorded interview with Brian Williams on Friday morning, and it was… awkward. Lauer repeated pushed his network colleague for straight answers, but Williams wouldn’t budge. I mean, he did answer Lauer’s question(s) about the infamous helicopter crash story, but Williams was unable to simply admit that he’d knowingly lied.

As you can imagine, Twitter had a field day with the interview.

From the get-go, many noticed just how unwilling Lauer was to let Williams sneak by his more pointed questions:

Some found humor in Williams’ constant squirming:

Despite Lauer’s insistence, many didn’t buy it:

And then, there’s Donald Trump (or Trump’s social media intern), who used the British spelling of “apologizing” for some reason:

[Image via screengrab/Twitter]

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