Herman Cain Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment: ‘Everybody Needs Toucan Stubs’

If you’ve been trying to follow the 2012 presidential campaign cycle, you may have had several moments in the past year when you looked up at the television and realized you had no idea what a certain candidate was talking about. Only a minority of those have been caused by the folks at Bad Lip Reading, but those few are precious moments. After taking on Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, they have returned with a rather spectacular video for Herman Cain.

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“Bap Lip Reading” has become the “Taiwanese Animation News Service” of 2011 for taking every serious bit of news and somehow turning it into pure absurdist comedy. In this installment, Cain explains how he found Tom Hanks, offers you some change with which to purchase White Castle, and warns against “Ricky, cowboys, and anthrax.” The inspirational music really makes this video, and the best (by virtue of being something not all that far from a thing Herman Cain would say) line? “Pouty people and whiny people, shut your ass up or I’m going back to sleep!” It receives raucous applause, of course.

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The memetastic Bad Lip Reading video below:

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