He’s Kidding, Right? Trump Thanks Media For ‘GREAT’ Reviews of Inauguration Speech


The morning after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, he took to Twitter — his personal account, not his official @POTUS one — to thank the media, and particularly Fox News, for all of the GREAT reviews of his inauguration speech.

Now, one can claim that Fox News was largely complimentary of the speech, if not exactly extremely praiseworthy. Following Trump’s first address to the nation as its president, Fox’s Tucker Carlson labeled the speech “populism” and that it was “not a conservative speech.” He also lauded it showing a “freshness about the way Trump sees the country.”

While other commentators at Fox described it as “muscular,” “very forceful” and “masterful” while stating it was “completely nonpartisan,” only one seemed to be overly hyperbolic with her critique.

So, we’ll give it to Trump that Fox News provided GREAT reviews of his speech, even if it would seem they were more on the decent to good scale. But who are these “so many other news outlets” that heaped praise upon President Trump’s address?

It certainly wasn’t MSNBC and NBC News. Chuck Todd noted that Trump appeared to be “insulting every living president” and that it wasn’t “intended to bring this country together.” Rachel Maddow said “it was militant and it was dark” and that it was also “hard to hear.” Chris Matthews said there was something “Hitlerian” about Trump’s use of ‘America First.’

Over on CNN, Jake Tapper called it “One of the most radical inaugural speeches we’ve ever heard.” The network also collected a number of takeaways from across the political spectrum, with a common theme being that it showed Trump will not change, that it showed flashes of authoritarianism and that it reflected Trump’s appeal to populism. Only conservative commentator Alice Stewart gave a full-throated commendation of the speech.

Looking at newspapers, major news sites and magazines, the consensus was that the speech was dark and angry. The Los Angeles Times review had this to say about the address: “The 16-minute inaugural address that President Trump delivered was Trumpism distilled to its raw essence: angry, blunt-spoken and deeply aggrieved.”

The New York Times highlighted how “Mr. Trump dispensed with appeals to unity or attempts to build bridges to his opponents.” Conservative pundit George Will was extremely blunt in his appraisal, labeling it “the most dreadful inaugural address in history.” TIME Magazine considered it a “grim assessment of the state of the nation.”

So, once again, one has to ask — who are all of these many media outlets that praised his speech?

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