‘He’s Like a Five-Year Old!’: Watch How Kids React to Footage of Donald Trump


Those of you YouTube junkies out there might be familiar with Benny and Rafi Fine, the online content creators behind Fine Brothers Entertainment and the immensely popular REACT series. The show works by inviting various age groups to give commentary on the latest in pop culture and viral online trends, but they occasionally delve into more serious subjects like politics.

Then again, Donald Trump is equal parts politics and entertainment, so it was the perfect fit to show kids the latest in Trump tirades, and, well… they weren’t exactly enthused with what they got.

The clips covered a myriad of highlights from Trump’s campaign, including his “small” $1 Million start-up loan, his tough immigration rhetoric, and his various insults and on-air tantrums. As for how the kids reacted to these moments? Well…

“‘It hasn’t been easy for me, but I’m filthy rich.'”

“He’s like a 5-year-old. He throws tantrums about stupid things.”

“So undiplomatic.”

“That’s kind of like me and my brother.”

“That is so rude.”

“He speaks his mind, but his mind isn’t right.”

When the Fines started asking follow-up questions and providing background info, the kids mostly expressed disapproval for Trump’s “rude” demeanor and his insultingly-brash talk.

“If you want to be president, you shouldn’t be racist,” said 11-year-old Jackson. “He speaks his mind and doesn’t care what people think, but sometimes, what’s on his mind is not presidential,” said 11-year-old Kacey.

The segment continues to explore numerous other aspects of Trump’s campaign, such as questions over his continued lead and his extreme political proposals.

Watch above, via Fine Brothers Entertainment.

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