Hillary Slams Ivanka for White House Advising Work: ‘[She] Should Be Judged and Held Accountable’


A week before she kicked off her national book tour, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted White House adviser Ivanka Trump by claiming the first daughter should be held accountable for the controversial policies and actions of the Trump Administration.

In an interview with Refinery29, a women’s news and fashion site, Clinton was asked whether or not Ivanka, specifically, is “complicit” with the actions of President Donald Trump — her response was a stern reprimand of Ivanka, as well as everyone else in the administration:

“Everyone associated with him — they’re either on board with that, or they’re not. And if they’re not, they need to be speaking out or leaving. But if they remain silent and just give lip service to contrary points of views, then they are part of his agenda and should be judged and held accountable for that.”

Clinton also laid out her grievances with Trump’s performance in office — actions she finds reprehensible enough to make those around him complicit. These included, “[making] common cause with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK,” taking away “protections granted” to DACA recipients, and generally promoting an agenda that she finds “repulsive.”

Aside from her attack on “complicit” Ivanka, Clinton used much of her interview with the feminist outlet to talk about issues unique to women. Clinton focused on the burdens that came along with being the first woman to run as a major party nominee, such as struggling to be both likable and successful and handling Trump’s “degrading comments” toward women. She also offered up advice to the nation’s future leading women, “Not everybody’s gonna run for office by any means, but you can support those who do… There’s so much to be involved in now, and so I feel like the commitment is there. The passion is there.”

Clinton launched her nationwide tour promoting her new book — What Happened? — in New York City today. The former secretary of state plans on visiting Canada and many parts of America, including areas some feel she neglected, like Midwestern states Michigan and Wisconsin.

Watch above via Refinery 29, starting at 6:49.

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