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Double Standard? Ellen Degeneres Takes Heat for ‘Sexualizing’ Katy Perry’s Breasts

What Happened? The Loudest Part of Hillary Clinton’s Book Tour is Her Silence on Harvey Weinstein

Democratic Rep. Defends Pelosi from Leadership Criticisms: ‘Reflects the Sexism’ That Still Exists

Clinton: Why Do Female Trump Supporters ‘Publicly Disrespect Themselves’ by Opening Door to Sexism?

Nancy Pelosi in Meeting With Trump: ‘Are Women Allowed to Speak Here?’

Hillary Clinton Acknowledges How Misogyny Played Role in Campaign Loss

Hillary Slams Ivanka for White House Advising Work: ‘[She] Should Be Judged and Held Accountable’

Kellyanne Conway: I Had to ‘Think Like a Man’ and ‘Behave Like a Lady’ to Succeed in the GOP

Why Hillary Clinton is Right About Bernie Supporters and Sexism

The Terms ‘Alt-Left’ and ‘Alt-Right’ Establish a Dangerous False Equivalence

Who is Cleaning Up Fox News Legacy of Systemic Sexism? A Slew of Female Executives

Stop Making Google’s Decision to Fire Sexist Employee About ‘Political Correctness’

How Sarah Sanders and the Women of Trumpland Hurt Women

Joan Walsh’s Criticism of Ivanka Attire Was Wrong, But Conservative Backlash is Laughably Hypocritical

New Study: Menstrual Cycles Don’t Stop Women from Being Excellent Political Leaders

Kellyanne Conway: Media Won’t Report on Sexist Attacks Against Me ‘Because I’m a Conservative’

House of Representatives Establishes Sexist, No Sleeveless Policy for Women

WH May Cancel Council on Women, Proving Trump’s Policies Are as Sexist as His Words

Donald Trump (Who Seems Obsessed With Women’s Appearances) Says Female Reporter Has ‘Nice Smile’

United Nations Moves to Fight Ads That Objectify and Sexualize Women to Sell Products

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